Intuitive Readings

Readings with me help you to recognize and listen to your spirit’s voice, which is the only true authority and guide for your life. You possess the inherent ability to hear your spirit’s promptings clearly. In my experience, though, it’s useful to have an intuitive reader’s insight and lucidity to assist you. While our souls are always pure and fully connected to the Great Spirit/Essence/God/Goddess, our spirit voice can be overlaid and obstructed by layers of trauma, fear, and societal and family conditioning. An experienced intuitive can help you to cut through these layers and free your soul voice, bringing you to a life aligned with your spirit.

In your reading, you may choose to focus on relationships, career, love, business, family, spirituality, creativity, or new direction in life. It is helpful to concentrate on the issue that is causing the most concern at the moment. My readings will steer you to the highest action in a situation, which is not always what you might expect nor what you might like to hear! A reading with me offers you a path to a deepening buoyancy and sense of excitement as you learn to “surf the tsunami of life” and become more at ease with the ever-shifting ground of existence (quote from Ron Schwenkler).

We’ll work together to gradually uncover the myriad influences in your situation and come up with options for action. My recommendations often include simple spiritual practices, including low-pressure creative activities like easy art therapy exercises designed to alleviate stress and express your soul. I find it is helpful to “ground” the new knowledge and awareness attained in a reading with physical action. Energy healing may be included in a reading at no additional charge, with your consent. I am also available to perform healing rituals, either in person or at a distance.

Spiritual Direction


I also offer spiritual direction, where you and I reflect on your spiritual journey on a regular basis, usually once a month for an hour. Spiritual direction is an age-old tradition that centers on your relationship with the Divine, however you conceive of it. You are free to bring up any insights or questions about your spiritual life, practices, dreams and so forth that come to hand. We’ll work cooperatively to enhance your meditative and prayer life. I offer spiritual direction to those of any religion or spiritual path, and to those who are on their own path. Please see my article on Spiritual Direction for more information.

I would be honored to read for you and look forward to speaking with you!

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