Communicating with the Dead

Reading with Your Dead Loved Ones

I offer readings that focus on healing and growth for both you and the deceased, and which are spiritual and contemplative in nature. Readings last about an hour, and if there is time, you may ask me to contact additional loved ones. I am also available to perform healing rituals, either in person or at a distance. Rituals for the beloved dead may go a long way in helping those who are not at rest. Such ceremonies can assist the dead to resolve issues that arose in their human life, come to peace, and move on in their journey.

I begin the reading by asking for the name of the deceased and your relationship to them. If you have an object that they owned or gave to you, I’ll ask you to hold it or have it near you. Usually we’ll have a few minutes of silent meditation to center and ground ourselves. I then reflect on your beloved dead and relay their messages, questions, and concerns. As the reading goes on, I act as an interface or medium between you and your loved one. Your dead loved one may wish to communicate advice to you and others, nuggets of family history, feelings about their place and manner of burial, and musings on the afterlife. The reading may offer you some ideas for specific actions on behalf of your loved one, including prayer, meditation, the lighting of candles, volunteer work or a visit to their burial site or the place where their ashes were scattered. I’ve had the dead request a celebration at their gravesite, donations to specific charities, requests for apologies made on their behalf, and suggestions as to how you may heal from their death.

How I Became a Medium

Many years ago I lived in Texas for a few months. Much of my time was spent in the company of a friend whose family’s roots in the state went back four or five generations. One day while I was driving on some back roads, I “heard” an internal voice talking to me. She identified herself as one of my friend’s deceased relatives and talked my ear off. Within a few days, voices from the dead flooded in—they wanted to send messages to loved ones and to get help to reconcile personal issues on this side of the veil. Often I was asked to go to a graveyard and offer a ritual at the burial site, to “settle” a spirit and allow them to continue in their journey.

Initially I was not thrilled with my ability to communicate with the dead, especially since the barrage of voices rarely let up. I even asked—begged–for this ability to be taken from me. Now, many years later and with much more experience in this realm, I feel honored and humbled by this calling. It also helps that I’ve learned to set firm boundaries! I find that communicating with the dead has brought untold transformation and comfort among my clients, even those that don’t believe human consciousness exists after the death of the body. It truly is astonishing and healing work.

I would be honored to facilitate communication between you and your beloved dead, and look forward to speaking with you.

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