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Self-Dedication Ritual to Magdalene’s Path

Mary Magdalene Spirituality Practice

This is a self-dedication ritual that you can perform any time, whether or not you have an altar.

Light a candle and sit quietly before your altar for a few minutes, meditating on the Magdalene as you understand her. Then say these words:
“Holy Magdalene, I have long heard your call. I now wish to dedicate myself to your path. Grace me with your compassion and initiate me into your mysteries, for my benefit and for the enlightenment of all. So be it.”

I’ll be presenting at the Magdalene conference in France

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving a talk at the Second Annual Magdalene Studies Association Conference in Limoges, France on July 22, Magdalene’s feast day. Also speaking will be New Testament scholar and profession Bruce Chilton, author of Rabbi Jesus and Mary Magdalene: A Biography. I’ll be speaking on “Invoking Mary Magdalene’s Energy for Today: Grassroots Organizing in the Magdalene Movement.” On July 23-26, conference participants will be heading south to the land of the Cathars for a program and sightseeing at the Cathar castle of Montségur,

Conference details here!